Knotter removes the trouble of tying knots by hand - instead, reliable and uniform knots can be tied with just a few movements.

Knotter makes an Uni-Knot, also called the Duncan Loop. Uni-Knot is one of the most popular fishing knots, used by millions of fishermen around the world. It retains approximately 85-90 per cent of the monofilament's breaking strength, which is as high as any other knot. In addition it ensures that the lure works as intented.

Knotter makes a Uni-knot in 0.12 - 0.40 mm / 0.012" - 0.016" fishing lines. Best performance is achieved with fluorocarbons and monofilaments. Please note that Knotter is not intended to be used with braided lines.


Creates five round Uni-knot (also known as Duncan loop, Hangman´s knot)

Best performance with fishing line range 0.12 - 0.40 mm / 0.012" - 0.016" fluorocarbons and monofilaments ("teflon / nylon / basic fishing line").

Works with all lures, shivels and hooks with 2 mm inner diameter.

Ensures ideal knot strength.

No need for batteries.


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